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Evolution Unlimited | Skip Lackey
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Skip Lackey

Skip LackeyTopic: An Introduction to the 2012 Mind, Body and Spirit Cleanse and Facilitator of all Evenings

Skips Bio:

Skip Lackey is the CEO of Evolution Unlimited Inc, a seminar production company that specializes in providing cutting edge training solutions for personal, business and corporate transformation.

Skip’s has an unconditional passion for assisting those who desire to transform their lives from the inside out. He has learned first hand the intricacies of the power of cellular healing which catapulted him deeper onto the path of personal development. Because of his enthusiastic personality, his absolute love for life and his devotion to helping others uncover the amazing healing potential that we all share, Skip has dedicated his life to teaching others the tools on how to access their own hidden healing and transformational resources. His devotion to this potential, that we all posses, and the understanding that “life happens” and that whatever circumstances come our way and however we may respond, there is healing, growth, possibility and perfection in it all.

Recently, Skip’s focus has been riveted on new way of reaching a broader audience by introducing, The Meditation Prescription. This is a program designed to bring meditation and guided imagery to hospitals, spas, corporations, small businesses, education systems, individuals, etc in very tangible and transformational ways. He is currently offering these tools to hospitals and support groups allowing for individuals, along side of their doctors, to participate in their own healing process. His intention is to meet people exactly where they are and share that it is possible to blend all healing and standardized modalities together in order to meet your immediate and very personal needs!

Skip has been studying mind-body healing for more than 30 years, gaining certification in NLP (Neuro-Linguistics Programming) and NAC (Neuro-Associative Conditioning) and becoming one of the first International Senior Journey Presenters.  From 2002-2011 he was the President of the North American Divisions of The Journey and Conscious Company Worldwide, traveling extensively throughout North America offering thousands of talks, keynote lectures, trainings, executive coaching, and over 1000 experiential workshops on cellular healing and accessing the innate leader within.

In his former life, Skip has accomplished the things that many of us can only dream of. He danced with the Rockettes in the annual Radio City Christmas Spectacular starring in the lead role as Santa Claus; hosted Nickelodeon’s Cable Ace Awarding-winning program, “Think Fast”; became a Master Sky Diver; performed on Broadway; has appeared in motion pictures/ television and worked as the Executive Producer of a cutting edge vision technology company, and worked with ABC, NBC, ESPN, The Golf Channel and Nike to name a few. And last, but not least, he is a graduate of Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Clown College and toured with them as an “Auguste Clown”, the most beloved and zaniest of characters.

Skip has a keen ability to relate to all walks of life which has given him the opportunity to work with groups ranging from the Mushua Innu, a remote aboriginal tribe near the Arctic, helping them to transform their communities back to a place of emotional and spiritual stability to working with the Federal Justice System of Canada training key attorneys and officials to enhance the level of integrity and authenticity of the justice system. As well as, working with the state of Washington to train educators and administrators on new cutting edge self esteem techniques to teaching communication and leadership skills to a not for profit health services organization where within a year they saw a 80% increase in annual revenue.

Skip is also the founder and now special advisor to the not for profit organization, Journey Outreach North America, bringing these self empowerment and leadership tools to those who otherwise would not have access. And has a thriving private practice where his focus is on  individuals and groups who wish to bring tools, change, and healing into their lives.

After 25 years of living in NYC, Skip is thrilled to now reside just outside of beautiful Boulder Colorado with his wife, Kristine and their 3 children ages 18 to 2.

His inspiring words and real life examples of the profound healing power of the human spirit have left audiences knowing that THEY TOO already have that ultimate evolutionary potential and that transformation in all area’s of their life is ALWAYS possible and is within immediate reach.

Skip Lackey had the charm of a movie star and the heart of a swami. I tried to plant my doubts on him, but they just wouldn’t stick. Skip’s application of history’s wisdom held me in my seat.

- Jason Love Journalist and Talk Show Host